Laura is a Nationally accredited eyebrow microblading technician, trained in Melbourne by the top academy in microblading and semi-permanent makeup.

The ‘feather touch’ eyebrow technique used in Microblading, embodies the famous Fibonacci method where we mathematically map your eyebrows to your perfect facial placement, providing you with the most natural shape tailored specially to you.

Unique artistry skills then create the delicate hair strokes to give you the most natural, full and luscious eyebrows that last.

Three steps to microblading:

Step 1.

We measure your eyebrows and map their natural location with pencil to create your desired eyebrow shape and then one that is most complementary to your face shape.

Step 2.

We colour match your brows with the correct pigment for your skin type, tidy up your existing brows and then show you what your new shape will look like. Here we can make any changes you desire before we begin the Microblading procedure.

Step 3.

We begin the microblading procedure by making very fine scores in the skin, placing the pigment with each stroke to create delicate and natural looking hairs with the end result being a full set of luscious looking eyebrows.

The price of eyebrow Microblading is $499 and this includes your consultation, eyebrow mapping, your first appointment and your touch up appointment.

Your first appointment will take approximately 2.5 hours and your touch up will take 1 hour 40 minutes.

Special after care product will be provided to you upon each appointment.

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