What is Dermaplaning?
Dermaplaning is a safe and effective exfoliating method. During this process, a sterile surgical scalpel shaves the skin’s surface. The goal of the Dermaplane procedure is to remove dead skin and peach fuzz from the face. While this process usually is done as a special procedure, mixing it with certain facial products boost these products’ effectiveness. After the Dermaplane exfoliation occurs, skin looks and feels quite a bit smoother, and acne scarring appears much less noticeable.

Benefits of the Dermaplaning Process
Our clients love experiencing the Dermaplaning process for several reasons, including:

• Skin products penetrate the skin more effectively.
• The skin feels smoother.
• It safely removes excess facial hair.
• It reduces the look of acne and other scars.
• It smooths out fine lines and wrinkles on the face.
• It lightens the appearance of age spots.
• Dermaplaning works well on all types of skin.
• Results from this process occur immediately.

How Often Should a Dermaplane Procedure Be Done?
This procedure can be done every three to four weeks. It takes skin about 30 days to rejuvenate after the technique is done. Each time the process is done, about two weeks of dead skin gets removed from the skin’s surface. If you have pimples or very oily skin, you shouldn’t have a Dermaplaning session done. This type of hair removal might cause bacterial growth and increased acne problems.

After a Dermaplaning Session
Primarily, a client experiences only the benefits of younger looking, more lively looking skin after a Dermaplaning session. You may, however, notice that your skin peels a bit after the process. Skin peeling only usually occurs if sessions occur too close together. So, to avoid skin peeling, be sure to wait at least three weeks in between sessions.

Some people think that facial hair gets darker after having a Dermaplaning session. This is a misconception, however. This beauty process only targets vellus hair, so your facial hair grows back the same color and size as it was.