Anti-Ageing Effects

  • Collagen production requires oxygen
  • Increased oxygen enhances the skin cells
    metabolic health
  • Oxygen enhances the epicelial cell growth
  • Oxygen improves the functioning of blood vessels
  • Oxygen reduces… Dark circles, Fine lines, Wrinkles, Puffy Eyes, Dull looking skin

Maintains Healthy Skin

  • Oxygen kills all known anaerobic pathogens on contact
  • Oxygen is necessary for natural healing and reducing scar tissue (acne, pre & post surgical)


  • Without an adequate supply of oxygen the body cannot cleanse itself of toxins.
  • Controls breakouts and congestion

Enhanced Metabolism

  • Exciting Trandermal Oxygen delivery System – NO GAS
  • Ideal for Face & Body – Immediate visible – On-going lasting results

Anti-Ageing effects:

  • Collagen production requires Oxygen
  • Increased Oxygen enhances the skin cell metabolic health
  • Oxygen improves the functioning of blood vessels
  • Oxygen – reduces – Dark Circles – Fine Lines – Wrinkles – Puffy Eyes – Dull looking skin
  • Oxygen kills Bacteria – rids Toxins – controls Breakouts & Congestion
  • Oxygen is necessary for natural healing and reducing scar tissue acne – pre & post surgical
  • Diamond’s Oxygen infusion contains Oxygen & Minerals
  • Copper – Selenium – Silica – Magnesium – Sulfur – Calcium – Q10
  • The choice of 8 different infusions – tailored for specific conditions
  • Pure Oxygen – Youth Factor – Anti Wrinkle – C Essence
  • Collagen – Regenerating Rose – Lightening – Anti Bacterial
  • Diamond’s pulsed system gives deep infusion and maximum saturation of the layers between the dermis and epidermis.

Ageing Concerns : Dehydration, dull and lifeless skin.

The answer is to rehydrate, remineralise, nourish and put back what nature has taken away naturally!

How do we do this?

Our Oxygen Infusion treatments nourish and hydrate the skin through the precise infusion of bio-available stabilised oxygen, in solution and combined with a select range of trace and essential minerals such as copper, COQ10 and selenium. This powerful liquid is delivered into the tissue by jet stream infusion, and pulsed air pressure to deeply oxygenate and remineralise the skin restoring vibrancy, plumpness and a youthful glowing complexion. We insist our Oxygen Therapy immediately follows microdermabrasion while the skin is open and needs nourishment and accelerated healing – experience this anti ageing facial treatment for yourself, the results are stunning!

Oxygen Penetration Therapy

Oxygen treatments also assist with:

Fine lines and wrinkled skin, blackheads and open pores, skin that is dull and sad looking with blemishes and dry patches. Skin that is saggy and thin, any acne related skin conditions and acne scarred skin will also benefit, stretch marks can be helped and pigmentation lightened and as a general anti ageing treatment to rejuvenate, plump up and freshen for that special occassion.

Skin offers are range of facial enhancers, hydration masks,peels, collagen boosters, vitamin c infusions hyaluronic and disencrustation.
A powerhouse of active antioxidants and vitamins to feed your skin.
Your customised infusion will be carefully selected by your therapist after a thorough skin analysis and consultation have been performed.

$35 as any add on to your facial, prescribed by your Therapist at our Mornington clinic.

Price List

Oxygen Therapy facial
Spa cleanse, exfoliation, oxy infusion, prescribed masks
Add mini microdermabrasion
Add NANO infusion
Add LED colour light therapy
Inclusive of neck and shoulder massage

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