The LED light therapy technology used at Skin in Mornington is ideal because it emits a low level power that does not irritate or burn the skin.

The body is made up of cells that are generally capable of healing and reproducing on their own using naturally occurring cellular energy known as adenosine triphospate or APT. When the skin is damaged, APT stimulates cell regeneration to heal and restore the injured area.

Factors such as poor nutrition, a person’s age and the general condition of the skin determine how slow or fast cells may heal. Scientific studies also found that light can stimulate the production of APT for better cell renewal otherwise known as photo rejuvenation.

Skin care specialists take advantage of the therapeutic effects of light by using LED (Light Emitting Diode Technology) to heal skin condiditiond during a light therapy session.

Benefits of LED light therapy

LED is a non invasive procedure. The treatment involves application of light at various surfaces of the skin where it is needed. This means no down time for recovery and you may resume your normal chores after each session. There is also no scarring associated with LED light therapy..-Diminished dark spots, lines and wrinkles. The light rays emitted by the LED lamp stimulate the production of collagen and elastin which fill in lines and wrinkles, giving your face a smooth appearance. As skin is renewed, old skin with dark spots with give way to new spotless skin.

Improved lymphatic system and circulation. Light energy not only stimulates ATP but also blood vessels underneath the skin giving your face a healthy glow.

At Skin we tailor the treatment to your skin type by choosing the best colour combination.

Violet – Purity

Cleanses and purifies. Anti bacterial properties for the treatment of acne skin lesions

Blue – Relaxing

Anti ageing and relaxing. Perfect for mature skin. I deal for acne and inflammatory conditions

Green – Calming

Promotes fluid drainage, excellent for puffy face and eyes or any congestion in the skin. Calms and soothes inflammation, restores balance in the skin tissue.

Yellow – Lymphatic

Stimulates detoxification pathways in the skin. Great for pigmentation or liver spots. Clears blotchy and un even skin tone

Orange – Energising

Gives luminosity to the skin. Increases vitality and a healthy glow. Makes the skin highly light reflective, excellent for photography, Weddings and special occasions

Indigo – Detoxification

Increases the activity of the second level of detoxification pathways for deeper purification. Anti inflammation, skin rehabilitation.

Red – Rejuvenating

Stimulating. Great for all skin types, proven increased collagen production, increased blood flow for oxygenation and activates the rejuvenation process.

At Skin, we recommend starting your session with a microdermabrasion procedure to remove dead skin cells for more effective light penetration. 

The prescribed colours are then placed directly on the skin assuring a deep penetration.

Depending on ones age, skin tone, diet and lifestyle, results may be observed immediately or after a series of sessions held one Week apart. Some may need 6-8 sessions to see dramatic results on their skin. In between sessions, your Therapist may prescribe topical skin treatments or kin care regimen to complement and boost the effects of the LED light therapy sessions.

Achieving glowing skin for all of our Mornington Peninsula, Mount Eliza and Frankston clients!

Maintenance treatment may also follow at least once or twice a Month.

L.E.D light incorporated into facial
Includes cleanse, dead cell removal, maskings, massage
As an add on to any other treatment
Package options available
On consultation

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