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  • Achieve shiny – white smiles in just one sitting
  • Quick, simple and effective. 
  • Powerful, safe and effective pure light for rapid acceleration whitening
  • Pain free, 100% safe with amazing results.
  • Ultra gentle on sensitive gums.
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Teeth Whitening

The Bleach bright system is a revolutionary teeth whitening procedure. It’s safe, effective, and fast, very fast! Whether you are self-conscious because you have yellowed teeth from smoking or drinking coffee, or if you just want to look your best, tooth whitening is a sure way to brighten your smile and gain increased confidence in your appearance. The Bleach bright system brings the latest in dental whitening technology to aesthetic professionals. In just 1 hour, you can achieve unbeatable whitening results of between 6-14 shades lightening effect. Recently we have worked closely with the manufacturers of the Bleach bright system who are world leaders in dental technology and tooth whitening equipment. The Bleah bright system is taking the USA and Europe by storm and for the first time in Australia, it is available to aestheticians.

  • Achieve shiny – white smiles with improvements between 6-14 shades in just 3 x 20 Minutes sessions
  • Quick, simple and effective. It takes only 1 hour
  • Powerful, safe and effective pure light for rapid acceleration whitening.
  • Powerful, safe and effective pure light for rapid acceleration whitening
  • Pain free, 100% safe with amazing results. It lasts up to 2 years
  • Ultra gentle on sensitive gums.

How it Works

The Bleach bright system starts with our power whitening accelerator. Shining an intense beam of pure light filtered of over 12000 optical fibres and 30 layers of coated optical glass, the whitening accelerator eliminates the teeth at a wave length of 480 -420 nanometres, proven to be the optimal range for tooth whitening. Harmful ultra-violet (UV) and inferred light is completely removed by the filtering system, leaving only a focused beam of cold-light into the blur-cyan spectrum, which penetrates deep into the teeth, activating the whitening formula gel to its optimal potency.

Our proprietary formula is applied directly to the tooth surface and the whitening accelerators intense cold-light activates to the whitening gel to rapidly accelerate the whitening process. In just three, 20 minute cycles, tooth discoloration from years of staining foods, coffee, tobacco, cola, and red wine are eliminated leaving a beautiful, shiny-white smile.


Q: What is tooth whitening?

A: Tooth whitening is the process by which the discolourations of the enamel are lightened.

Q: Do over-the-counter bleaching systems I can buy direct from companies work as well? A: No, these types of systems usually contain a lower amount of peroxide; hence they are not as strong as what your aesthetician will use during the Bleach bright treatment. Many over-the-counter systems contain an acidic rinse which can remove significant amounts of the tooth structure.

Q: How long will it last? A: This will depend on the patient. The results can last up to two years depending on the patients oral habits. Smoking, consuming beverages which stain the enamel of the tooth such as coffee/tea/cola, and other strongly colored foods will eventually discolor the teeth gradually again. The average person will require periodic touch ups of once or twice a year to maintain their white smiles. The e-bright system is a great add on sale to the salon treatment for years of shiny white teeth. Alternatively, you may have the client return to the salon for a touch up whitening treatment.

Q: Is the treatment safe? A: Yes. We have worked closely with the manufacturer to develop the Bleach bright system specifically for use by Aestheticians. The accelerator lamp is identical to that sold to dentists; the only difference being the level of peroxide between what must only be used under dental supervision (34%), and the level used in the Bleach bright gel. Instead of one intense (and often painful) 20 min session in a dental office, the Bleach bright system uses a 3 x 20 minute treatment cycle which offers a safe, gentle and highly effective whitening treatment which has only ever been achieved by dentists. Clinical studies have shown that bleaching with the 10% hydrogen peroxide gel used in the Bleach bright system to be perfectly safe for teeth and gums and can offer the similar result.

Q: How white will my teeth get? A: This will depend on your teeth – everyone’s teeth are different. If your teeth are heavily stained from coffee or smoking, you will probably see a big change. If your teeth are not heavily stained, the change will not be as great. Changes up to 12 shades lighter have been obtained.

Q: How does tooth whitening work? A: The active ingredient (either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) is broken down, allowing oxygen to enter the enamel and dentin, causing the stains to be lightened. Dentists and the Bleach bright system use hydrogen peroxide as it is much more effective. Most over the counter whitening treatments use carbamide peroxide, which goes through a chemical process and releases formaldehyde before it becomes hydrogen peroxide, thus making it far less effective. Do not be fooled by products which brag 35% carbamide peroxide, as it is in fact the equivalent of a 7% hydrogen peroxide product. As you have learnt, 35% hydrogen peroxide can ONLY be used under the supervision of a dentist.

Q: What causes teeth to discolor? A: There are many causes of tooth discoloration. Some of the most common include the consumption of highly colored foods (beetroot, candy etc) and drinks (coffee, sodas, red wine). Antibiotics consumed at an early age, natural aging, smoking and trauma can also add to discoloration.

Q: Do all teeth whiten evenly? A: There is an overall whitening of all teeth. The biting edges of the teeth are more likely to whiten faster than the areas adjacent to the gum. It should also be noted that in some patients, whitening can result in a frosty, chalky appearance of the teeth, but this usually reverts to a more natural translucent, shiny appearance after a few hours.

Q: Are there any side effects? A: For the vast majority of patients there are none. However, some will experience temporary sensitivity on the teeth and/or gums. This will subside after several hours of stopping the treatment. The patient must abstain from colored foods and beverages for 24 hours. Also have them avoid carbonated drinks and citrus foods to avoid sensitivity for a few hours after treatment.

Q: Are there any long term effects? A: The active ingredient in the process is hydrogen peroxide which breaks down to water and oxygen. Dentists have been using hydrogen peroxide for over 50 years to whiten teeth, and there have been no known long term adverse effects.

Q: Will the teeth stain again after bleaching? A: They can gradually, by the same things that made them stain in the first place, i.e. general ageing, red wine, smoking, tea/coffee, colored foods etc.

Q: How often do you need to get your teeth whitened? A: Once your teeth are whitened it usually lasts 1-3 years, however some people prefer to have touch-ups every 6-12 months. In this case, have the patient return for their touch up treatment or recommend the E-bright home whitening system.

Q: Is it better to have a treatment performed now or wait until my teeth are more stained? A: It is better to get it done now as the stains will become worse and darker. The teeth will then require more treatments (applications of gel) as stains will be harder to remove.

Q: Are my teeth more easily stained now that they have been whitened? A: No, the chance of staining your teeth is not increased once they have been whitened.

Q: Will my crowns, veneers and fillings get whiter? A: No, only your natural teeth will.

 Q: Are there any contraindications? A: No studies have been done, so as a precaution we advise pregnant or lactating women and children up to age 16 not to undergo bleaching.

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